The Danish Vikings are actually the IRAN alliance from other servers!

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    • The Danish Vikings are actually the IRAN alliance from other servers!

      Hail all players of the Charon Server!

      On being beaten in Pirate Game for the first time in ...well seems the so called Danish Vikings alliance have given their real reason for being on Charon away!
      Have you ever wondered why they never replied to your messages? Have you ever wondered how they always won the Pirate Game every month?
      It turns out they are the IRAN alliance on the only server they have been able to win at.

      I say rise up Charon, and show the IRAN that they can't spy and build without letting us all know who they really are!
      Shame on them!
      The watcher WiskeyJack.
    • My time really is too expensive to take the time to discuss with WhiskeyJack, or N R S S as he goes by in-game, so consider this my first and last reply.

      Let's start off with the backstory to this "revelation".

      Valentia, a member of the alliance "Reavers", has this piracy cycle taken down the server and placed first in piracy. Good for him, and good effort. Now, Danish Vikings, of which I lead, has 100 million TS, more than the second and third place alliance combined, and we are known to defend what is ours. What happens when the piracy cycle ended would be obvious to most, we had placed raids next to every single one of Valencia's cities, and we blocked him and plundered him at 18:02:10. In other words, 10 ish seconds after the reward was given.

      He goes on vacation, and we let his alliance know that we'll leave a fleet right next to all of his cities for as long as we find it entertaining, and tell the diplomat of Reavers to kick Valencia, in order to not suffer the same fate. (Bare in mind, their alliance description says: "We've grown tired of this server stagnating; there's a lot of unguarded stuff here and very few people guarding it. So we've decided that we're going to help ourselves!" followed by: "We love free stuff, it looks a lot like your stuff", so obviously they had some idea that -DV- was "free stuff").

      Anyways, me and WhiskeyJack talk a bit, he conclude that by attacking Valencia we've declared war on the entire server (which you're all welcome to attempt, just bare in mind we don't stop until any threat is completely eliminated). I stopped responding to him in-game a little over an hour ago, so I suppose he felt like his crusade should continue here.

      So my question to all of you would be.
      Who the hell is IRAN? And why would it even be a problem if I were from Iran? This all seems to be some racial witchhunt for no apparent reason.

      As for my name. It's two danish words combined. "Abe" and "Ged". It litterally means monkeygoat if you translate it to English, and I've been using that login since I were 6.

      And as for "have you ever wondered why they never replied to your messages?". I pride myself in having answered any reasonable message I have ever received.

      *Drops the mic*
    • This is the most confusing thing that I've ever seen on this board since 2014 I guess. :huh: I mean like you are here accusing others with some non sense story that you made up and expect the community to believe it?! Is it that simple ? I don't get this.

      Sir, I've been on and off playing on the Charon server since it launched I can say that I know the majority of the old players here.

      The players that you are accusing of course will not bother to answer your messages ingame if you are writing meaningless things to them like you did here...

      I mean I don't get how you managed to came up with the idea that winning the pirate game every month and not answering to your messages make people Iranian or associate them with that IRAN alliance or whatever :?: :?: What kind of logic is this ??

      Long story short, the video below is more meaningul than what you wrote :rolleyes: :love:


      And it’s too late,
      To regret the mistakes we made,
      To remember all the words we say.
      Nothing will ever be the same...