The Stink of Piracy on Alpha

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  • The Stink of Piracy on Alpha

    Let me first start by saying that yes this has been report via the GF Support page. This is a public shaming for the players involved. The actions as shown below should be creating alarms within the game for the GOs to see.

    These two players share many island clusters together where they have insulated themselves from raids through the use a tiny accounts (bots?) that also are suspected of using scripts to generate CP (yes, reported as well). Of concern here though is how IP Sharing was cancelled with just over 6 hours to go in the latest piracy round then reestablished shortly after the round ended. This is either a case of IP Sharing violations or Account Sharing violations. I'll let the GOs sort that out.

    These players are also well established in the BANE alliance on the PI sever. My point being that this wasn't a noob mistake, rather a calculated move in order to cheat in the game of piracy.

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    Ridding Alpha of wasted resources, one pillage at a time

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