How can we use multi can someone help me

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  • MrSniperZ wrote:

    Dear players,

    just for your information, GO's,sGO,GA CANNOT see your Ambrosia purchases in order to make fair judgments!
    This thread can be closed now since you started to talk off-topic. If you have any questions about in-game rules, we will be happy to see your question at support.
    You are a good GO, Sniper :thumbup:
  • Kozeto wrote:

    We are 62 and some of -BG- member don't want to play because -RoW- are over with this illegal game . Most of them return when they see there is fair game and some -RoW- player were banned for illegal using of multi but there is no and return vacation mode . How player want to play than there is no fair.That is why ask what can I do with multi
    62 compare to 71? Hmmmmm.... 50m points vs 101m points......
    Maybe 71 accounts is played by one person so then we could do so much thing in the same time, maybe 71 accounts of Row is all multi and no one find out that except you, maybe 62 "players" of BG is "62 different persons"....omg, I really suprise about that, I just think you are all clone, even you kozeto, you are just a clone who is always cry. Never win a big fight and always have the reason to cry after losing. So pathetic
    If you become GO, you will ban us all right? OMG, I'm so scare................
    Btw, keep crying kozeto, do what you do best, Cry.For.More. I am sitting here and eat pop corn while watching you continute crying. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Trolling Warning - Kikoguns

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  • Because we don't cheat . We need to know the rules .
    Buying army
    I buy from Player1 multi and Player1 biy from my multi
    I buy from Player1 multi he buy from Player2 multi he buy from Player3 and Plate1 buy from Player3
    And for trade ,pillage multi and pirate raid .
    Question 2 can someone log in my account and move my army just to save my army . We need to know the rulea .
  • Than this Man takeda is for ban WTF ????

    what about trading with multi why you don't answer me we can buy res and army from multi . Tell me and let everybody know . Say yes and let everybody can do it and say NO than ban -RoW- because they don't stop buying army and resources from their multi ??????