Let Scientific Future improve Experiments

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    • Let Scientific Future improve Experiments

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      General Information:

      Just as Scientific Future increases the Research Points earned by scientists doing ordinary research, so let it improve the RPs gained by Experiments by 2% per level.

      What are you suggesting?

      As above. So an experiment performed by a player with Scientific Future 25 would gain +50% RPs. Example: a player with SF 25 who uses 300,000 Crystal in an Experiment will gain 225,000 RPs instead of 150,000 RPs.

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

      Suggestion Reason:

      This gives extra meaning to Scientific Future, increasing the desirability of Crystal.in the long game. It might even increase Ambrosia usage to convert other resources into Crystal.

      Special Notes:

      Adjustments from the Optician would still apply.
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