HELP: still more newbie questions

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    • HELP: still more newbie questions

      Okay, I've read some online guides but I still have lots of unanswered questions.

      The biggest management I find is the upkeep costs. It's like wages for army troops while they stand idle (basic costs). Then we pay extra wages if they have to travel (supply costs?). Is this all how it works? Also, we have to pay scientists to study. BUT, if the citizen is a normal citizen, then they pay government taxes (income). Also, if they are wood cutters or quarry/sulphur/crystal miners then we don't pay wages to them, but they don't need to pay government taxes.

      Having a Town Hall of level 6, I realize I am not making enough income to pay my army - which ends in the army leaving me. So to get more income, I have to cut down the scientists and miners, etc. But how does one manage all this finance/staff management and grow and expand smoothly?


      Query: Is it possible to RELOCATE army troops from one city to another "own" city? It would be good to MERGE 2 army groups together.
    • You can increase the Town Hal,to build a museum and a tavern.This way you will be able to increase your finances.By increasing Town Hal You enable the arrival of new citizens by building a museum and tavern citizens' satisfaction increases and money itself is growing.
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    • To first answer your query: Yes. Just go to the island view of the city you want to go to and click on the city. (In the top left you should have the city you want to send from selected.) Then choose the deploy troops/ships option and they'll move. Note that they will have double upkeep during the move.

      As for your other questions in general.

      First, I think you may be overdoing your army. If your highest TH (town hall) is only lv 6, then you'd be better off turtling in my opinion unless you've got some good pillage targets nearby. By turtling what I mean is keeping your resources under your warehouse safe levels. (Easy to do at low levels with a couple quick expansions of your warehouses. [I always had at least two in my cities.] ) That way you won't have so much income going to a largely useless army. The army I'd advise would be to have in every town: 1 ram ship (later 1 paddlewheel speedboat), 1 spearman, 1 slinger. Those won't stop invading armies, but they may be enough of an inconvenience to someone that tries pillaging you that they won't come back IF they don't get any resources because you had stuff under safe levels.

      When I played, I found TH expansion to be a good way of upping my gold intake for obvious reasons. Having those citizens sitting around is good. However I also found that the biggest gold intake I got was from an account where I had an hourly deficit of something like -15,000 to -20,000 gold per hour. (I had a much larger navy than an account that size would usually have had.) The key to turning a profit during that time though was that I heavily utilized the marketplace. Because I looked at things in the following way: A citizen sitting idle gives 3 gold per hour. A citizen working in a mill/mine gives 0 gold per hour, BUT that resource can generally be sold for around 5-7 gold. So instead of leaving citizens idle, I'd put as many to work in mills/mines as I could to get more resources. Then I'd put those resources into my marketplace and also do long-journey trips to sell to people that led to my citizens producing around 6 gold per hour at times. DOUBLE what they would make sitting idle.

      In addition to that, I also was active in pillaging inactives and people who had bad warehouses nearby which led to me getting a nice amount of stuff that way too. (Side note, a pillaging force is not expensive. So long as you only hit weakly-defended target, a few spearmen + artillery [though be smart about what kind of walls you can take on] is enough to rake in loads of goods.)

      Now doing that did depend on me being in an area where there were a lot of markets and trading going on, but despite having that -20k gold per hour "income" I was able to increase my gold stock by more than a million per week at times. And as an added perk my comparatively low total score account ended up being one of the top 50 traders.

      A downside to that however is that for me, total score was never the point. In fact I would take it with pride during wars when my account would trash navies from players 3, 4, 5 times my size. And I was never one of the quickest growers overall. And in selling all that stuff I obviously didn't have those resources for my building. But I also found that for me, total score disadvantages weren't an issue because I compensated through other methods. So if your big concern is growing quickly, firing your army and using the turtle strategy I mentioned before is probably the easiest way to do it. Making sure to have higher THs, taverns, and museums. (And quick tip: Make your tavern at least a few levels above what you actual need to maintain your population. That way you can boost your happiness by great amounts so that the Bacchanalia in your town quickly replenishes your population if it ever goes down if you ran out of wine for a while or just built a bunch of troops.)

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    • I just want to add, in the very beginning doing piracy runs helped me with the gold upkeep. Good luck!

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