Miracle not at 100%

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    • Miracle not at 100%

      Hi everyone.
      I've recently put a colony up for pillaging a few inactives that are just a little far out from my closest main colony.
      Picked a Poseidon island for the reduction time I'd get on my most used miracle.
      Built up a bit of storage, trade ports x 2, a barracks and temple.
      Pushed all my citizens into the temple and have a conversion rate of 192%
      The only other active on the island has a conversion rate of 114%
      Everyone else is 0% for both conversion and island share.
      But the island percentage are 4.8% and 49.7% respectively.

      Had been higher previously , but one of the residents has just gone inactive and its dropped from 79%, which was still odd as everyone previously had +100% conversion rates or 0%.

      So my question: why isn't the island higher? What is pulling the total conversion rate down when both of us are over 100%?
      I know... I'm probably missing something simple :)
    • All players on the island who have a temple must have priests at 100%,nothing means that only two players on the island have priests and nothing else.

      You must tell neighbors on the island that they too must have priests at 100%.
      Life is an eternal struggle.
      Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
    • So would I be correct in assuming one of the zeros has an unmanned temple in one of their colonies?
      My other islands don't seem to have this occurring. They too have 0% colonies, but they don't affect the total.
    • My friend has a temple, but there is no priest.

      My friend must put all priests at 100%,and the miracle will be active 100%
      Life is an eternal struggle.
      Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
    • Thanks for that kirby K2.
      All my other islands have 100% miracles even with several zero towns.
      By chance, that must mean none of the other islands have temples that are unmanned.

      It was good of you to post that image.
      I was kind of hoping it was just a glitch :)

      Perhaps that would make a good game suggestion: 0% temples are 'abandoned' and don't affect the island.