Ghosting of inactives scatters fleets unnecessarily.

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    • Ghosting of inactives scatters fleets unnecessarily.

      General Data

      Browser (+full version data): Google Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Windows)

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: Beta /s2-en
      Player-ID: 250066
      InGame Name: Quartz

      Other/Further Information:

      Combat ID 992881

      I had pillaged an inactive player (brd, I think) and while my cargo ships were on the way home that account was ghosted. My fleet was scattered and the loot was lost.

      Thiopolis 207.02.2019 20:45Your scattered units have reorganised themselves and have arrived in Thiopolis 2.


      I don't know the exact time at which brd was ghosted but I believe it was after my ships had finished loading. It may have been before they reached my ally's city from which they were staging or it may have been afterwards.

      What should have happened is that my ships should have been unaffected. That the player has been ghosted has no affect on combat reports other than change the name, so it shouldn't affect ships going home.
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    • Reported a while ago but most likely won't be fixed so soon because it happens very rarely.
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