Who Has Bought Ambrosia?

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    • Who Has Bought Ambrosia?

      I was wondering just how many people have bought Ambrosia?

      My curiosity stems from the fact that Gameforge is trying to make money off this game. Well if nobody is buying Ambrosia then the game developers are stuck with one of two decisions:
      1. Actually fix most of the bugs and/or implement more of the game.
      2. Close down Ikarium.
      I personally don't want to see Ikarium close, but I cannot justify myself spending money on an unfinished game. It would be like buying a car that doesn't come with Tires, muffler, exhaust, steering wheel, fluids. All it has is a frame and engine and makes a weird noise when you fire it up.

      So my real question is: Who here has bought Ambrosia and feels it is worth it?
    • Free ambrosia's worth it.

      I took over an account of a friend who had about 75 ambrosia sitting around and since I got the account I have been using it to convert resources and to increase production. Personally the free ambrosia is great. Not sure if I will pay to play in the future. I think paying for a game that is slow to have bugs fixed is a little too rewarding for the game creators. Fix the bugs and maybe I will pay, or maybe I won't. I would have to say that being able to exchange resources into other resources is extremely helpful at times. I will run out of the stuff soon and will probably have to ween myself off it after having used it for a few weeks. :(
    • I`ve never bought it, and I really don`t know shall I ever buy it.
      I have all the resources that I need for my colonies, but I could use it for other things.
      If I`d get some extra money in the future I`d think about getting some ambrosia, but now I have some bigger issues to attend.
    • Who has bought ambrosia?

      The answer to that is: "well, everybody!" Especially the ones who said they "will never ever pay!". It is a great convinience. If you want to defend from a bigger player bullying you, for example, your only choice is ambrosia. That and politely asking him why he does that to you.

      Then, do you want to upgrade governors? Ambrosia. Want a quick fix to upgrade a unit? Ambrosia. Etc. The list is endless. I mean, the manufacturer wouldn't sell you something that is not so usefull.

      One other attribute of ambrosia is that it is very addictive. Once you have use it and ran out of it you find yourself thinking: "Should I put an order for 5000 stone on the market or convert some of my 10000 sulphur for 0.3 euro?" Really tough question.
    • Hehe, very very true Takis ;) And I find myself getting 'reliant' on the trader feature myself too. My laziness is usually what burns my Ambrosia :O

      I get mine in lots of 100, and I find if I have it sitting there, and I need a resource, rather than wait for it to be delivered or pillaged the good old trader comes in very handy. We pay for the convenience though, so I don't see it as inbalanced. Although my dependence has made me think about starting a 'Ambrosiacs Anonymous' :P That said though, I'd pay for premium just for the trader. But that's just me.

      With the statements by the OP regarding paying for premium on a game that's not yet complete. Well, I personally just don't get the basis of the complaint. I spend way too much money online *blush* and am a premium member on quite a number of sites. Most of them are Beta, and in fact I've not played a single online game that is '100%' complete or finished. There will always be bugs. There'll always be updates, there'll always be new suggestions and features people want to see added or changed, and there'll always be people who find it good value, while others don't. *shrug* Those who don't support the feature don't have to pay for it, easy done. The rest seem more concerned with where everyone else is spending their money, and I think that's their choice.
    • I brought 100 Ambrosia a while back.

      Only have a very small amount left,

      I don't think i will be buying a repeat subscription though...

      Maybe when the game has been developed a little more :D
    • that's all very good. i can't comment though because i can't buy myself one.
      it's not that i don't have the money. i have. my credit card limit is pretty high. my only problem is can't use it.
      pretty stupid of GF to make it so difficult to use credit cards when you're not in one of the listed countries aint it?

      all i can say is: lost sales, lol.

      life is pretty easy even without ambrosia to tell the truth. you only need to be a very good player. but of course, if you're not, that's where your cash comes in. to make playing more convenient for you. i imagine if i have ambrosia i'd be pretty much sitting on top of everyone. i'm ranking even without it.
    • i'd be the same as most other players here i can't live without the ambrosia i use for the premium features and the trader i find it very useful n as for the bugs i haven't bumped into any particularly annoying 1's so have no probs even tho the game is not yet complete
    • I bought it mainly because I like the game and wanted to support the developers. Yeah, the game isn't finished and there are some things that need to be changed, but I like it overall. I just hope they take the money and advertise a bit more, get more people to play.

      I still have over half the ambrosia I bought a while ago. I don't buy the adviser upgrades because they are clunky and not really that helpful. I do use it to improve marble production because I have several colonies and I do trade when I got full on mining resources I don't use.

      Be careful trading though. The game messed up trading once, taking my ambrosia and not doing the trade. I think it was because I took too long picking my trade. If you fill out an O-ticket they say you have to talk to the pay company because it is a ambrosia issue and when you talk to the pay company they say you have to talk to the ikariam because it is a game issue.

      So be careful when you click that trade button.
    • Dunno, I discovered it some 2 months back and I played it enough for authors to deserve some compensation. No real need for ambrosia, thou by what I've seen it could nicely compensate for my utter lazyness :sleeping:

      But the page where you enter credit card information is plain http which makes me kind of nervous :hm: . Any plans to move it to https? Guess I'll go via PayPal if I can figure out what account I've used there.

    • I persoanally have never used it, i think its like drugs, you wanna try but you know its bad and once you start you can't stop.

      Also, for those who say they buy it to support the dev team i remember reading somewhere that the dev team works free, just like every other staff here at ikariam. So it goes right to GameForge

      I personally haven't bought it because i have always found it wrong to buy services off the Internet for the internet(paid accounts). I just won't do it, the internet is public access, you shouldn't need to pay anyone besides your ISP for access.
    • No way I am paying for ambrosia when the game isn't finished, every update to fix bugs contains bugs, and as long as they are making money, why worry about making it right anyway? That's like giving your fat wife that you have on a diet a donut. Heck, who knows if the game will ever leave Beta? I am here for fun, and to figure the game out before it runs right(if it ever does).