Marble and finding it?

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    • upgrade your trading post...

      I sell it for a reasonable price... pm me in game (same name (lol that rhymes))
      or ask your fellow island mates to trade you it :)
      Or you could colonise onto a marble island

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    • I've advertised in the trade section, and searched in-game but like the above fellow, I just can't buy marble or crystal!! I have sulphur to swap, or can pay cash, but maybe this is the problem...I can only search 2 islands, does this mean I can only send my ship that far to trade too??

      Any help appreciated, and also PM me in game if you want to trade

    • I cant upgrade

      Hey my problem is that i cant upgrade my tradeing post and that I have no marble to build a colony. And no one is selling marble in my area!!!!!!!!!! it is driving me nuts!
    • Why don´t you look at the nearest marble island, and PM every player on that island, asking for a trade 1:1 with your crystal? I think at least the ones´ with a fairly high town hall level would like crystal, cause they´ll probably need it for upgrades, or their academies..
    • I was in the same boat after I started. I started on a island with wine(im thankful now that I did) which sucked at first because I really needed the marble in the early stages. However, through pesistant trading, and pillaging you can build up your marble amount to start a new colony on a marble island if you plan things right. Ive noticed that sometimes the trading post is active, sometimes its not, just gotta keep checking back.
    • A good tip would be to concentrate the most citizens on researching SEAFARING until they research "EXPANSION". Keep your workers on WOOD only and try to leave as much citizens free of use (to get money) as possible. Don't make an army and do not pillage in your first weeks of gameplay 8). After some time you will be able to make a COLONY. Make it in a marbe island (would be nice if the marble island had a 10% worker boost). Make the colony in your marble island to your capital. Add another colony to your marble island. That's it. You're balanced up for the perfect gameplay. After this you will love playing ikariam :P