Time until sawmill upgrade pays back

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    • Time until sawmill upgrade pays back

      As title says...
      This is assuming 10 players are donating the same to the sawmill.

      level 15 to 16 : Cost = 67,5k wood = 6750 wood/player ; gain (without HH) = 25/hour ; payback after 6750/25=270 hours = 11,X days.

      level 19 to 20 : Cost = 156k wood = 15.6k wood/player ; gain (no HH) = 28/hour ; payback after 15600/28=557 hours = 23,X days.

      Basically, upgrading the sawmill, even to a high level, pays back in a few weeks time. Since the timescale in Ikariam is *many* weeks, it means that a clever strategy for any island is that each player donates as much as (s)he can to upgrade the sawill (at least until level 20, maybe more). Sacrifying development in the "begining" yelds more development for all in the future : In a few weeks time this strategy benefits to all.

      This is probably also valid for luxury goods. Yet many players seem to overlook this fact :/

      What about this ?
    • i like it but it wont work on my islands....im very good in donating in some but like marble i have been bad in...must be better ther...in ther i donated like 35k but in sawmill over 100k
    • Matt, level 21 for the saw mill and 16 for luxury are good choise no doubt.
      make your calculations for higher levels to be interesting

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    • Hum...
      Level 21 sawmill = 200k wood = 20k wood/player ; gain = 28 wood/hour (no HH) ; payback after 714 hours = 30 days.
      Level 16 luxury = 200k wood = 20k wood/player ; gain = 17 lux/hour = 34 wood/hour (no HH) ; payback = 24 days
    • While I hope many leeches look at the figures and decide to donate, the unfortunate truth is that greed and/or stupidity often override logical choices.

      Fortunately, we have pillaging in this game to help redress the balance in some small way.