Fair challenge

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    • Fair challenge

      You've sent out your spies looking for a likely target. Some towns they examine are too strong to fight, some are too small to bother with.

      Loot aside, how close to your own strength, and by what measure, does a town have to be to get your attention?

      For me, a raid target has, of course, a reasonable return on investment in terms of loot, but also I don't get interested unless:
      > Town is within 2 sizes of my capital
      > Player's overall score is between ~20% below to ~20% above my score
      > Player's general score is no more than ~20% above mine

      Below my rough parameters, a raid doesn't strike me as either sporting or interesting. Above . . . well, you gotta punch your weight.
    • I have been attacking people with over 1 million gold and a high town level. There military strength doesn't really matter as long as its less than mine, if they don't have anything better to do with the gold I surely can use it.
    • My stanards:

      -Within 2-3 islands (unless its like a lvl 10+ port)

      -Min lvl 3 Port

      -If they have 1 mil or more gold I'll take it on

      -The bigger their military score/total score the better, who doesn't like a good fight.

      Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there really isn't anyone around me who can take me on, in terms of military.
    • i have a target with me that has over 4mil....but i turned peacefully...i get 16k per hour deleted my whole army....when i had my huge army i got everyone to fear me so everyone thinks: "no not him his the guy with the huge army"
      even though i got 0 army but im not a good target anymore...spending all my cash on ships
    • I pillage everyone that have got at least a trading port lvl 2. of course, i go first for the better target but i dont mind even about lvl2 port. Their army??? i got the bigger one arround me. and if someone get a bigger army then me??????............i ll make mine bigger!!!!