Ikariam Troop Calculator

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    • Ikariam Troop Calculator

      Fully PHP, no files to download and no scripts to run.
      Provides full resource and gold usage information based on input troop counts as well as calculating generals score represented and its portion of the user's total score.
      Future plans include adding offense/defense values (including upgrades!) and options for naval units as well as making the page more user friendly.
    • Cool, official approval. :)
      Update :const:
      I've added some new functionality to the calculator including (and mainly being) attack and defense values per unit and total. I cleaned up the output so to only show relevant information (instead of listing a bunch of zeros for each unit type) and it will restore your numbers to the input boxes after calculating.

      Still no support for unit upgrades, but I've got some ideas floating around my head on that one and ships will be added once I get the final plans tuned out. Also, the Attacking/Defending mode toggle does nothing as of now. Not to mention a few stylistic changes.

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    • it seems nice enough as far as calculating generals score is concerned but as you've said it would be far more helpful once you get the attack and defense stuff working with wall bonuses and attacking with the optional figure of if maximum breeches occur (assuming breeches are working, i've heared otherwise). It might also be nice to add the total cost for these units so that the calculator can also be used to calculate what it will cost to purchse a certain number of troops and what the generals score payout will be (some what of an army expansion calculator).
    • Update for July 2

      Ships are now accounted for, also now the attack / defend mode option now functions, and this is all thanks to rewriting the entire backend from a purely procedural programming style mashup to an object oriented style so now I can make changes to the algorithms a lot faster. :thumbsup:

      The attack and defense values still aren't completely accurate (and don't account for walls 8o ), but I'm not really aiming for a true battle simulator but more of a "planning tool". My suggested use is things like keeping track of "how much" of a person's military one can see in given towns.
    • Upgrades are supported, new host!

      My latest update includes support for unit upgrades and corrected wall bonus formulas.
      Also, my tool is now hosted at the IkariamLibrary project.

      For redundancy's sake, I'm going to try keeping the old site up-to-date as a mirror as well.

      At the moment I feel the project is really starting to reach a 'final' version, however, I'd love to hear some feedback or suggestions. My current plans, if they can be called plans, is to attempt adding an ability to export and import settings.
    • August update

      The latest version of my troop calculator now tells the amount of gold spent harvesting the resources needed for the units. Also a small new feature is the ability to click upgrade icons, which will apply the upgrade to all units.
    • New version for v0.3.0!

      Version 0.3.0 of Ikariam has finally arrived and I have updated my troop calculator with a new option to run it for either v0.2.8 or v0.3.0; all statistics will be calculated for the selected version!
      Troop Calculator