Request for a sig

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  • Request for a sig

    *Please fill out the form below to make it easier for people to fulfil your request.*

    [Dimensions] - *within boards limits/Whatever you seem fit*
    [Picture/render] -…lo/worlddomination0db.jpg But it doesn't have to be this
    [Colours] -*I would appreciate a black background or as dominating color*
    [Font] -* Whatever you seem fit*
    [Text] - *[World]Domination / Kvangelo / Leader / Nr.1 Alliance of world Epsilon*
    [Style] -*Whatever you seem fit*
    [Animation] - *Whatever you seem fit*

    [Additional Info] - *I would like it to fit in to our forum as well. You can take a look at
    I have no specifics really. I've seen some of the sigs posted here and I think you are best placed to make it a nice one.

    I would like to thank you in advance for all of your efforts.
    Kind regards,

    *The text between the stars is to help you understand what each option is, please delete all text between the stars and replace them with your information *
  • hello , my name is karam . i would really like someone to help me with my signature . the thing is i don't know how to do it , since i don't have the right means and links and besides , my internet connection is really slow ;( . would like to have a signature similar to the GO's . they are really cool .
    would someone help me ?
    ps: i would like to thank charmed for these really cool avatars . i will use one of them now :thumbup:

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  • Even if you said pretty pretty please no one would do it. At leaset you have replie to your thread. My thread has none. If you get one then you have to tell me.

    Edit: I'm gonna get warned for spamming arent I? Please don't warn me.
  • Hi Vortex-6,
    :gj: :tnx:
    I really like it. The waiting is rewarded.

    Could you be so kind to change the text allignment a little bit?
    I think it would be better if the 3 lines were on the place they are, but centered to each other. I'm not sure I'm very clear, I really don't know how else to say this in English.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Exactly what I mean. :woot:
    tnx: tnx: tnx: tnx: tnx: tnx: tnx:

    @mod : please close this topic. I have got exactly what I asked for! :qatc:

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