EUCG No Longer A Valid Alliance

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    • EUCG No Longer A Valid Alliance

      As of 8:13pm game time on Monday 8/11/2008, I disbanded the EUCG and am NO LONGER a part of the war KRMA is waging. Effective immediately, bashing rules apply and I will be reporting the offenses.

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    • HAHAHAHAHAH everyone reading this, hahahahahahah dude i was on the floor laughing when i got you're message hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahah RUN FOREST RUN :loll: :loll: :loll:
    • You roll over just like that? 13 minutes after your post saying
      that you're far from defeat. You disbanded your alliance because one
      person attacked you... Was every one of your members a noob or
      something? I don't understand this.