The Elect Wants You -TE- (recruiting)

    • The Elect Wants You -TE- (recruiting)

      -The ELECT-

      Our last Amazing Into Page was corrupted by angry souls. So, in an effort to not stay aloof from the public we have decided to make another one.

      The Elect is recruiting YOU.

      Copy & Past this to your application message:
      Ikariam Experience:
      Other: (Anything else you think we should know about)

      Please NoOne reply to this thread.

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    • -The Elect-
      -TE- & TE2

      Rank: 1
      Total Members:
      Inner Squads:
      Top 100 players:
      Allied with: [enyo] [TAR]

      Looking for more members in the top 300!

      “But whether on the scaffold high Or in the battle's fray, The fittest place where man can die Is where he dies for men!”
      There is not greater sacrifice that for a man to lay down his life for his Brother. -TE-

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    • Rank- 1
      Members- 55+
      Total- 531,297
      Average- 13,623

      Recruiting Players in the Top 300!
      The Elect are by far the Greatest alliance on Ny.
      Power hungry? Join -TE-
      With more members in the top 100 than any other alliance!
      The Elect are Recruiting those who are the best and active!
      Leave your small alliance behind and Join the number one alliance on the server!

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    • Alliance Name: The Elect
      Alliance Tag: -TE-
      Current Rank of Alliance: #1

      Alliance Description: We are The Best

      - Current Number of Members: 40 Elite Members
      - Current Allies: [enyo] [TAR] [TE2]
      - Current Wars/Rivals: None, No one Can Match Us