Gold Pillaging question

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    • Gold Pillaging question

      OK I am sure this question and answer are out there somewhere... but I cant seem to find it.

      What determines how much gold is raided?

      I know that Trading Port lvl is a factor, but how bout attacking army size? is there a formula somewhere?

      Example: an island is found to have 1 mil in gold but no Armies or Ships. Suppose trading port is lvl 1 how much gold can be lifted in an attack? what if trading port is lvl 2? etc?

      thanks for your replies in advance.

    • gold per pillage

      the level of the port bears no bearing on the amount of gold only the resources you can pillage in a 20 minute slot
      gold is calculated by the size of the town hall

      To work out how much you'll get from aperson find out how much they have by looking up their name under gold stocks on the high score table then divide that amount by 100 then miltiply it by the percentage in the table above (i.e. level 2 port = amount of gold / 100 x 0.02). The percentage is worked out by the equation TH level x (TH level -1) / 100 i.e. level 16 town would be 16 x 15 / 100 = 2.4%

      Town Hall Level: Percentage of Gold stock recieved

      Level 1: 0% (according to the calculation, however i havn't tested it)

      Level 2: 0.02% (2g for every 10000g)

      Level 3: 0.06% (6g for every 10000g)

      Level 4: 0.12% (12g for every 10000g)

      Level 5: 0.20% (20g for every 10000g)

      Level 6: 0.30% (30g for every 10000g)

      Level 7: 0.42% (42g for every 10000g)

      Level 8: 0.56% (56g for every 10000g)

      Level 9: 0.72% (72g for every 10000g)

      Level 10: 0.90% (90g for every 10000g)

      Level 11: 1.10% (110g for every 10000g)

      Level 12: 1.32% (132g for every 10000g)

      Level 13: 1.56% (156g for every 10000g)

      Level 14: 1.82% (182g for every 10000g)

      Level 15: 2.10% (210g for every 10000g)

      Level 16: 2.40% (240g for every 10000g)

      or you could start playing on firefox and download one of the scripts
      hope this helps
      regards rusty :hero:
    • Thank you for the reply. Does the size of the attacking army matter then?

      Also I do tend to use firefox.. I will check out for the add-on.. any other add-ons that I may be seriously wanting :)

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    • i would make sure that they are permitted scripts. the description makes it sound like some of the ones on that site perhaps are not but i haven't checked the list myself.