what is the best fleet for attack and for defence_?

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    • No, no, no!!!

      Best Attack = Ram Ship
      Best Defence = Ram Ship



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    • Everything depens on your target.

      If your target is far away, go for flamethrowers. If the target is closeby, use Mortars.

      Not only for time, but also because Mortar cost way more then flamethrowers. And since mortars are slower and will be gone longer, they'll cost even more

      Also, the percentage should be determined by what the defender has.

      If the defender has 1 ram ship for defense, then just send 2 flamethrowers and be done with it, making sure the player is offline and not capable of building or moving support fast enough.
    • Best for attack = paddles unless you don't mind waiting forever then it's mortars.

      Best for defense = mortars. Diving boats are utter crap, they have super low stamina, they're extremely overpriced for their defense / offense power, and they're slower than a dead caterpillar.
    • Sorgrak wrote:

      this may sound stupid, but can you really fly over your opponents ships with bombs and gyros??

      There's no such thing as a stupid question. :)

      But no, despite the flavour text for the flying units, they still get bundled into trade ships and shipped off to battle. So they run into blockades just like the other troops. None of the flavour text has any practical application with any military units - only the attack and defence numbers mean anything, and the only special abilities that count are whether they have assault or resistance.

      When I first started I thought that when I could get archers they wouldn't take as much damage, because the text said they could attack enemies from a safe distance. I soon learned the error of that way of thinking. :)

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    • loose the flame ships , they cost more than the paddles for equivalent millitary strength .
      loose the dive boats as well . they are great if you want to only defend 1 port but too slow for mobile defense.
      depending on how youe empire is layed out a mix of 70% PWRs and 30% mortars would be a good all roound fleet.

      enough pwrs to run blockades of your own , and enough mortars to guard your home cities while your fleet is out and positioned so they can be sent to reinforce your home cities when needed . or in special cased used for attack ,

      don't forget to keep one ram ship per town .

      that would be a good fleet
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    • ikken,

      you don't go by how many points you gain, you go by how much bang for the buck your getting, and quite frankly, PWR's are horrible when you go by upkeep to power ratio compared to flamers. For every 100 PWR's you can have over 250 flamers, which not only gives a better attack and defense number, it takes the SAME amount of upkeep. So flamers ALL THE WAY (my numbers are used to describe fully upgraded ships)