Change player name.

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    • Change player name.

      Why is easy to change the player neme ?

      If everyone changed their name, it's difficult to us to organise/ remember the player.

      It's no good for other player. If every player want to hide when they have a problem with other player, or want to make other player confuse.

      Should have regulation for this, don't you think ?
    • No worries, last night we went insane and half our alliance changed nicks like twenty times.

      So if you are confused, you aren't alone. I have no idea who half my alliance is, either.

      Even worse, in my Lambda alliance, a bunch of alliance folk came with me to help in a thingy. Somehow, they decided to all name their attack colonies "Not Polis" and change their nicks to janeysaurus variants. Think changed nicks are bad? Try deciphering 50 circs all coming from janeysaurus clones and trying to find someone's colony so you can send stuff or a msg. I even got confused as to which one was my colony and which message was the one I sent.