What are the best military units in defending and attacking???

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  • What are the best military units in defending and attacking???

    Well im really having a hard time figuring out what is the best combination in attacking other player's towns. I usually attack with phalanx archer combo but recently (just now) I lost a lot of phalanx to a bunch of slingers with a few phalanx. (BTW this guy has a town wall of lvl 4 only). SO what are the best units in attacking a town?? I tried the swordsman phalanx combo and i didnt like it because swordsman dies easily.

    In defending your towns, Is phalanx really the best defendnig unit there is?? Or Phalanx/Archers are better??
  • I have already researched gunsman already and 1 day to go for steam giants. But gunsman are way too costly. 1 gunsman equals 3 archers i think or 2?
  • Steam Giants are the best for def and are one of the best for attack if you have a sulphur island so you can replenish easily. Gyro's aren't too good but Gunsmen are good in big numbers especially if they are upgraded on the attack once or twice!
  • Yeah Attacking is really the hard part. Eventhough i use spies and the troop calculator before attacking i still lose some battles. I hope some pros will post here and say the best combo for attacking. The troop calculator never tells what units you will lose when attacking. And if ur opponents gets lucky.(Which btw happened to him, combat reports 1 and 2 showed only slingers and swordsman died but no phalanx and i lost some of my phalanx)

    Another thing is luck part of combat???
  • So gunsman and steamgiant combo is the best combo???

    Umm if u havent upgraded those things yet what is the next best combo there is?? I only copied kings combo of archer phalanx. LOL
  • I waved attacked this guy with phalanx lets say 40+.(20/10/5/more than 10) His defence is 20+ phalanx, 50+slingers and a chef.

    Our battle lasted for 8 rounds and the first 2 rounds showed he only lost a few phalanx and a few slingers. I think hes lucky or something.
  • *the best way to defend yourself is by having a high level wall with at least 50 phalanx with some if not all upgrades. they will get a 30% defense bonus when defending your town from an attacker and adding the bonus from your wall(based on the level of the wall) you will have a pretty well defended town. now add some gunsman and steam giants and you are set (btw steam giants also get the 30% bonus when on the defending side)

    *now to attack it depends...in a battle a winner is declared when one player outscores the other by a ratio of 3:1 (im talking about points not number of units) in other words... if Player A has 1000 defense points and you dont want to loose a lot of troops, then your attacking force should have a little over 3000 attacking points to end the battle on the first round and reduce the number of casualties.

    *a succesfull wave attack: if Player A has 1000 defense points then your first wave should equal it (you can send +/-30% troops if you want to) after that you send more waves within the first 20 minutes so you can multi-pillage without bashing or loosing many troops. again the battle is over when one players outscores the other by 3:1 in points

  • well, phalanx only have an attack value of 24... (unupgraded) and phalanx in the defense have a value of 40 (+30% defense bonus AND +whatever percentage they get from the town wall....

    the town wall advantage can be HUGE!!! i mean, even if it is 50 slingers or something... without upgrades and with a 100% town wall advantage, that DOUBLES the defense value of each slinger... and with a level 15 wall, a 150% advantage...

    my guess is the guy you were attacking had high town walls :)

    as far as the best defense, phalanx are in the early game, and steam giants later on...

    best offense is swordsmen early in the game (they have the assault bonus) and archers and gunsman are good later on... :)
  • Well, you see phalanx behind a good wall don't die that easily, but they have poor attack, so they cannnot finish off enemy units that easily, making the battle a long one. In such long battles stamina can be a big factor as your units get weaker with loss of stamina. He had a cook, so the stamina decrease on his side was reduced, giving him a greater advantage. So I would say that a combo of phalanx +archers behind a good wall is better than a pure phalanx defence. Later on you can use SGs, but you should have lots of sulphur to rebuild them because they cost a lot. For offence you can use archers and they are better than gunsmen in terms of upkeep when not upgraded.
    Can you post a screenshot of the CR please?

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  • Outcome of the Battle
    Battle for XXXX (04.11.2008 5:09:05)

    -PA-Invoker from Wex -FT3- vs _______________________XXXX from XXXXXX

    Offensive power: 1,534 ___________________________Offensive power: 0

    Defensive power: 1,482___________________________ Defensive power: 0

    Stamina: 394 ___________________________________Stamina: 0

    Town wall: 23%

    Combat is finished Victors : -PA-Invoker

    Remaining troops (-Losses)

    Phalanx 7 (-40) _______________________________ Phalanx 0 (-20)
    _____________________________________________Slinger 0 (-50)
    _____________________________________________Swordsman 0 (-20)
    ______________________________________________Ram 0 (-2)

    Archer 23 (-0)
    Doctor 2 (-0)
    Cook 2 (-0)

    -PA-Invoker from Wex -FT3- has won the battle and pillages XXXX.

    I won the battle because when i woke up i saw that i am losing so i sent my reserves from my main base to attack. :D

    SO thats why i anticipated that his phalanx would die but instead the slingers died. Thx greenen

    After 24 hrs SG will storm his town hehehe.

    Sry This is the best i can do :P

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  • Yep, just no co-ords.

    Edit: That link to his town needs to be edited out.
    Can you make a screenie so we can read it?
    Edit 3...: Try using a CR converter?

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  • I reinforced the archers,cooks,5 phalanx and doctors. The rest are part of the first wave. Sry my keyboard screenshot button is malfunctioning so i cant post a screenie. :(