Silence in the air in Gamma

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    • Silence in the air in Gamma

      Is anyone else noticing just how quiet Gamma is getting? I try sending messages to other players on my islands and there's no response. I send messages to other players outside my alliance and there's no response. The only players near me that I know are still playing are my alliance mates, not so much because I hear from them all the time (although they do at least respond to my messages), but because I can see on our alliance membership page that they've been on in the last day. I'm hoping that the game will pick up again with the new version, but the solitude is starting to get to me. I mean I have donated so much to my islands that all of them are pretty well-developed with their resources, but still there are fewer and fewer players, and none of them that are even talking any more. Is this just where I'm located on Gamma, or are other people noticing this too?
    • Thanks for the exact time of implementation, but that doesn't actually answer my question. I finally got one response today from a member of K-K who was pillaging one of my alliance mates. Evidently they are a group of pirates, despite their claims to be a peaceful group of traders. At least it was word from another active player on Gamma, though. That's positive.
    • I havent noticed this to any real extent.

      The only silence is from a THx player i was pounding for weeks and he continued to ignore my attempts at diplomacy, offering him a chance to avoid loosing anymore points. But no replys.

      But i know that players are becoming inactive, players with good accounts and it saddens me to see it. I think the real question is:

      What can we do to attract people to Gamma?

      This is the greatest server, i mean we had the first World War on gamma, we have the top alliance in points i believe (the one everyone is at war with). We have some of the most tenacious and ambitious players.
      Where else on the forum can we start threads to attract people to gamma?

      Can we do something on our Sigs?
    • i think that the silence in Gamma wa s occasionated by the massive clean that took place like months ago . it left some islands completely deserted like 2 i inhhabit. i suggest not that hard rules and from the players to try to stablish a kind relations between neibourgs. we can even send recources we have speared and we'll at least recieve the thanks and then we can star somne kind of conversation, share some tips and have mutual interest in others's players developing.
      for example within my alliance there is a kind of battle to the top is an undeclared race to see who collects the most game points i think that is the result of growing togheter our alliance was formed ever since we had about 1000 game points. we have tighten our relationships we are not like real friends buta t least all refering to ikariam yes we are.
    • renezoide! :D didn`t know you were so active on the board ^^

      OT: yeah its VERY desserted in some areas, we should find a way to get people to join gamma. its a shame that it is as few people as it is when it could be like 15 000 of us.

      @ saraketh
      yeah that sig-idea was good ^^ thats why my signature says what it does :P we need, a commercial or something. :thumbsup:
    • maybe a recruiting drive to attract players from other servers ?

      I mean sigs are nice, but if we only post in gamma world stuff, doesnt help much.

      maybe to consider closing another sever (alpha, beta) and bring the players here, set them up with some of our inactive accounts,
      instead of making them start from scratch.. they must be in worse shape than we are ..
    • the silence is deafening

      Hey, I totally know what you guys are saying. Its tough recruiting players into the server and so many people left because of:
      -game bugs
      -boring wars
      -game bugs
      -lack of decent pillaging
      -and more

      Hopefully 0.3.0 will help (naval ships being much faster and wall breaches for instance) but I think its things like the implementation of occupation and noob protection(that makes sense, not what they had planned) that will help the game to grow again. There are also some serious deficiencies with not being able to 'stage' from friendly towns for war, your troops being able to get past a friendly fleet blockading an opponent, having fleets join forces properly etc...

      =CKA= has been in Gamma since the beginning and we've maintained a strong active core of players thru a combination of good success ingame and with a large number of players that are part of the larger "CKA" community (gaming clan and website). We're still recruiting new players from that source and linking them up with existing strong players to get them upgraded fast. This has been augmented with our ingame recruiting efforts but even then there have still been lots of 'drop outs' over time.

      In my area its still pretty well populated but a lot of that is the density of CKA players, once you go out 5-6 islands away there are vast deserted areas.
      It wouldn't be easy to do this but if the overall maps were 90x90 instead of 100x100 there'd be more density.

      I also don't think gameforge should be creating anymore servers for a while either. then it'll turn into ogame where people jump from new server to new server hoping to 'get on top' on one of them.
    • well i have lost my island either everyone has given up or banned so my area is silent as silence if anyone would join they should start filling up the empty areas like mine

      we could post a link on every server board saying something or ask a mod to put it under an important link like the 3.0 one?
    • i think that closing other servers it's kindda extream but having a limited numbers of inhabitants per server could be a good idea so we can have many people in every server. having less islands could be another idea cause i can't see the point in having lots of deserted islands.
    • Agreed, but I haven't seen any plans for Xi yet. The game seems to have picked up some after 0.3.0, but the markets are still so dead that trading is abysmal near me. Have you guys noticed any resurgence in activity?