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  • Hmmm... another NOL member went into v mode when he noticed my raid city next to his. So this makes how many now quit or went into v mode. I think my assumptions were correct in the war declaration that NOL is much higher in rank then they should be and its time to knock them down a bit. Anytime you want to surrender NOL.

    Member Beta Server since Feb 2008

  • hardkill wrote:

    I think Bullionvince just dont want to admit he cant sing dayo or in the navy hehe.
    And he fails to see the potential.. for instance: you have: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and the E street band..

    how about.....?
    BullionVince (or BVinney) and the Scotia Nova's

    too late to change terms and add to a greatest hits album.

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  • well the war is still going on and Nol's getting a whipping and being farmed daily, BKB and TCF did a huge massive attack of 3 members of nol in 48 hours doing over 200K in offensive damage (see cr threads on ikariam, tcf cr threads, and bkb cr threads, proves everything) well I stole about 100K of resources off Nol already and did over 1 million in damage to them, about 35 attacks on them already.

    this is interesting based on attacks daily, the stats show about 15 attacks on NOL at one time compared to a 3-4 Nol attacks on BKB at a time. NOL please contact us and tell us who your leader, diplomat is so we can end this war, both sides our getting drained of gold and resources. it's up to you NOl, you don't need to be offensive and insulting on threads, pms or cr threads to prove your point. actually it's quite unprofessional and others will see that you do not take your alliance seriously doing it. We don't even know who your leader or diplomat is cause you refuse to talk to us, again un-professional.
  • NOL abusing in game bugs.

    Nol is now abusing in game bugs, which they should be banned for. i lost all my ships to a bug and now i lose the rest of my army due to a withdraw troop bug, hopefully ikariam fixes this, not a fair playing field NOL. But you can expect a lot more farming and such.
  • That's not my fault.
    I'm not abusing bug okay?

    You just lose your battle, that's it.
    You withdraw your own ships when you are already lose. That's why you lose all.
    When you withdraw the current battle, you lost your offensive forces, that's why you lose all.

    Once again friend, you are already lose. Don't be ashame, win or lose, this is just a game!

  • It's not just on a withdraw there is a bug running about 0 offense on while defending, But it may be a little strong to claim that someone is purposefully using such a thing to his advantage.
  • birdy-beta wrote:

    That's not my fault.
    I'm not abusing bug okay?

    You just lose your battle, that's it.
    You withdraw your own ships when you are already lose. That's why you lose all.
    When you withdraw the current battle, you lost your offensive forces, that's why you lose all.

    Once again friend, you are already lose. Don't be ashame, win or lose, this is just a game!

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  • actually there is many ingame bugs in this game and the attacks have worked fine until today, see bugs forum yourself on ikariam forum, there is many bugs happening, i couldnt withdraw my troops. it seems odd that out of all the battles and wins i'v had with NOL with the last 2 weeks, , only 2 losses were included because I couldnt withdraw my ships and troops. the battle should of went another round as i had enough troops and ships to do so, .

    I have reported the bugs to ikariam staff and see what they say. It seems suspicious that after 2 weeks of no problems withdrawing my ships and troops that it all of a sudden happens. i have been playing this game for almost 2 years, and know exactly how to play this game and attack. you can expect more farming and attacking, but i find it rediculas that your posting those cr reports when they shouldn't have ended due to the bugs. But then if you want to include these inaccurate cr reports then do so, BKB is still putting on a lot of damage as well.

    edited: well my troops are back, but ships are still gone, quite annoying to say the least. but anyways war is still going on p=.
  • I'm not doing anything else but only defending Laf's town.
    But the most stupid thing is If JayCat oops JayMouse oops Jaydog know about that bug abusing..
    WHY HE WITHDRAW HIS SHIPS THEN?? meanwhile i'm not do anything else but only winning side here from us.

    Sparte: you told me a thousands time before about watch my back.. it's okay, i'll using some mirror to watch my back then.

    Good luck to you BKB & tcf.. :gj:
  • actually i didn't know about the bugs till i saw the bugs section of this forum, again it just seems suspicious that i haven't had any problem with these bugs for 2 weeks, till today. and it has been posted in bugs section that people are using the bugs and you can get banned for it, so it's up to ikariam staff if they think nol is taking advantage of it, anyway good luck to both sides, nice attack birdy. But I think I will have to get my revenge on you now, and you can expect some dodging and attacking on your towns from me, in the future. :sm:
  • Once again my friends.

    What for i use bug abusing??
    I'm absolutely win with my 135 paddles without bug abuse.
    Am I so stupid to use bug abusing just to get 1 year in pillory for the battle that absolutely I won??

    Just admit that you are lose my friends, don't be worst.. :respect:
  • well even with that many paddles it should of easily went into another round, and should of had ships returning home also, anyway i wasn't calling you stupid or anything just placing my opinion. I don't know if I can respect NOL at all though, as they have done some rediculas stuff in this war, and refuse any diplomacy, perhaps when your alliance comes to it's senses and talks diplomacy with us on ending this war, then i will have some respect for your alliance, but as of now no respect till you take the time to contact us on diplomacy. I do not have any problems with you birdy it just seems odd on what is happening all of a sudden. good luck and all :wth:
  • birdy let me just say this. Who are we in fact to talk to about the war if NoL decides to not reveal their true leadership, and defers to their supposely all-knowing "council" that decides all. I have never met an alliance in all the servers I have/do play on that have leaders afraid to declare themselves so. Most leaders stand up and I say "I am the leader i assume responsibilty for the actions of my alliance members" Or "I am the general, I see what is going on attack wise, from both sides, and will decide what the appropriate action is" Or "I am the diplomat, I hear your plea, will look into the matter, and suggest an appropriate resolution" Or "I am the home secretary, I will decide whether you merit to be part of this organization"

    Many alliances have some democracy amongst them and vote on matters, decide as group what action to take. But ultimately, the most successful ones, still hold to the four posts and have leaders willing to stand by their actions as an alliance, and not be afraid to admit who those leaders are.

    We are tcf: Sparte-leader, dad- general, Kat Goldcastle- diplomat, Calypso- home secretary. Who may I ask are you?
  • Well so far I can only assume that someone named after a roasted and reduced chicken bone, turned into cubes called Bouillion is their leader.

    And their mouthpiece is a squawking parrot named Birdy.

    Someone please shove some crackers down that birds mouth
  • First, the Nords of Lys would like everyone to know that they were surprised and sad of having a war declared on them. We always have been a peacefull alliance and (again) the actions taken on PeterCeasar were made to defend NoL alliance members. We thought everyone liked us... oh well...

    I would like to clear something up. When PeterCeasar re-iterated his attacks on NoL, I contacted Psiodon again, which I have been talking to and thought it was clear that PeterCeasar attacks would cease. Psiodon never answered, that's why we attacked. We realize today that maybe Psiodon was not the right person to talk to. We thought he was the Leader of BKB... We would like to know who was the BKB Leader at that time ?

    We are deceived by the lack of maturity of some BKB and tcf members who posted childish messages on this board and to our members. Don't get me wrong, these is only applying to SOME BKB and tcf members while most of them remained respectfull (and even quite pleasant for some) to us. I answer only to intelligent and respectfull messages, that includes the ones in this board.

    One that was relevent was: who is BKB Leader. Therefore, I declare that I, BullionVince am the Leader of NoL alliance. ;) I thought I was already known but I realize (with the insistents messages) that it was not. We have a very dynamic organization which does not go necessarily with default Ikariam jobs; All official internal, diplomatic and military communications go through a Council of a douzen of members of which I am responsible of. So, if BKB and tcf desperately need to know who the Diplomat, Home Secretary and General of NoL is, you can consider that it's me!

    Unlike SOME are saying, we are open to diplomacy talk. We would like to concentrate the communication channel between two players, which will facilitate things. Please identify one BKB member which I can talk to directly. We are open to end this bloody war. We don't like war, it makes our babies and our wife cry. It also empty our pockets and hurt our harmless citizens :(

    BKB member (Psiodon, which I thought was the BKB leader) proposed we list our conditions to end this war since we did not agree with the current ones. Therefore we propose the following terms to end this conflict.

    1) BKB and tcf post a formal apology in this forum for declaring war to NoL. This includes the fact that the war declaration and further posts mentioned that PeterCeasar was attacking inactives, while jomo and u2g2 are active players.
    2) Both NoL and BKB(tcf) recognize the other side as beeing good fighters in this war
    3) NoL council post a formal apology in this forum for the language used by their member orate1 on a BKB member
    4) NoL council post a formal apology in this forum for failing to control its member kysio-sun from attacking BKB members while diplomacy talk was underway
    5) NoL and BKB take their alliance tag off their inactives
    6) 1v1 combats can remain between both NoL, BKB and tcf
    7) War also cease between tcf and NoL with no other terms (Alright I can sing song if you like but I'll choose it ;) )

    These terms proposition (as it is right now) is valid for 3 days, so until 19.02.2009 22:00:00 (Game time)


    Leader of The Nords of Lys