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  • On behalf of NoL, I accept the stalemate with BKB, as per the terms mentioned above. You can thus consider this war over. Hardkill, I would have made sure that all attacks were called off sooner had I been online at that time, sorry for that.

    I will warn NoL that this war is now over too. It may take a few hours to recall all of the attacks (I don't know the current status of attacks at this point), and we'll also recall all spies that were sent into your towns. I will also send a PM to TinMan so he can close this thread as well.

    What I told TCF also applies to you for this war: you have forced us to drastically improve our war strategy as the war progressed. While I always prefer not being at war, I still enjoy the experience we had as a great learning experience. Congratulations to all of you.

  • War is considered over

    All attacks on BKB and on NOL have been recalled. War is considered over. guess now just gotta wait for prime to get here to deal with the terms now.

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  • I will say this, it was a good war, but I did not like the cheating going on. This war as WWB display the lack of programming in place to end a war in Ikariam, no side gets hurt and can thus keep fighting. I did make a few really good friends in TCF, thanks.

    I can truely say I am at a loss as to the terms ending this war and now the acting General wants the thread closed. It seems to me that Prime and Laf have agreed upon something and I will find out later. I wish the war would have went another few weeks, there were plans in the works that would have broken quite a few NOL members at an undisclosed location, but that will not happen now.

    The one opponent I could not touch in this war was u2g2, he had too much protection around him, good job. Other NOL members did well in this war, my congratulations to them. Laf good job as a politician, its a beech aint it lol.

    Member Beta Server since Feb 2008

  • Our Thread closed and didn't get a chance to add a final word.

    I want to give thanks to NoL for the respectful posts in the aftermath and wish everyone a happy holiday. I will further add, NoL had also helped tcf and BKB refine our game. :rockon:

    NoL may say that they are not experienced but I will say, with respect, they do a good job capitalizing any mistake it's opponents make.

    And Laf:
    Good Luck post war to NoL as well. :cheers:

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