Crimson Pirates vs Phoenix Knights

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  • Crimson Pirates vs Phoenix Knights

    Crimson Pirates declares war on the alliance Phoenix Knights

    Reason : There is loot to be had :pirate: .

    Terms : War will end when Phoenix Knights disbands.
  • yes,Anani is right. If you look the first thread in the Diplo sector,writen by trinity you can read this:
    If a single player wants to declare war, he is not
    allowed to be member of an alliance. If the player has his own alliance
    and he/she is the only member, then he or she still must disband it
    before declaring war. War also may not be declared on single player

    But this is not the issue.Even if they don't declare war on me,Phinx has so many members that even if they attack me below the bushing rule i will still have a huge problem.I have received some attacks already i'm afraid...

    The issue is that in a single-player alliance you have the problem against the player,not the alliance name or history.So i am wondering: i play this game since its first days,i know almost half of the server and when i was the diplomat of the Phoenix Knights back in the days i had contacts with all of the leaders/diplomats of all the top alliances. And i ask: is there anyone out there that has a personal problem with me?... if yes,ok,we can discuss it and find a solution. But how can you have a problem against someone who trades/helps/attacks only inactives/contributes to the mines? Am i saying something with no sense here?... :blackeye: ?(
  • Given the alliance Phoenix Knights has only 1 member this war declaration is invalid. War is over before it began unless Phoenix Knights rises from the ashes :whistling: .