Death of trade

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    • Death of trade

      Right after 0.3 came out, trade was all over the place....sulphur going for 50 each and I couldn't pay people to take crystal. After a while it all settled down and now trade is dead in my area (9 island radius). I could sell a little marble or wine for 10 each, but there are no real buy offers in my area and a ton of sell offers. Just wondering if this is a server wide issue or just my area.
    • I think the lack of people in Beta is the root of the trade problem.

      7300 population: That is not even a half of the capacity of a hockey area. I don't even think they would televise the games and the "Beta Betonians" would automatically move to Kansas City :P

      We need more fans.. err.. I mean more people..
    • I don't know about that....there are at least 20 sell offers for each resource, just nobody to buy it. With all of the production doubling in 0.3 we have way too much supply and hardly any demand. Any economists care to chime in?
    • There are no problems with trade for me, because the Reunited has colonised an island archipelago and is selling between its members so our newer players have more gold and the more powerful ones have more resources to make further colonies to get more resources to sell to the newer members when they have enough gold to afford them.

      Trade isn't falling, resources are just getting more expensive. It is why no-one is buying. But when people adjust to the fact that resources are more common now, prices will fall.
    • trade is dead. Why buy stuff when you can pillage nearly everything from an opponent. You can't pillage for gold anymore, so you have to build it up on your own. no one is willing to buy goods, so it seems like the new version has killed trade and wounded pillaging.
    • in my area, there is plenty of goods for sale at low low prices, we're talking 8-12 gold over the spread. This is great for buying but terrible for selling. quite a competitive market.

      It simply means that game plans change. the game changed, we adapt, we survive, we thrive.

      I'm certainly not complaining about the changes, it's given the game a new edge and I think the state of WWB shows that wars are still economically possible.
    • My area has sales for 5-10 wood, the wine market was going great with wine selling for $15, but then a couple players decided to crash the market and drop the price to 8-10 for no reason. The Marble market has decent sales for goods priced upwards of $15. Sulphur is now down to $10, and i don't think it sells at all, crystal was going for next to nothing with large amounts up, but the price is now $10, so i'm guessing some of the large peaceful players are buying it up and increasing their academies.

      But one of the worst things i see are the inactive players sitting with 3-7mil gold, this is all vital gold to the local markets and before 3.0 there was no problem. Island resource levels are way to high and academies are going up even faster now with the insanely cheap crystal prices. Then you have other people stock piling gold for no reason, the scores page for the amount of players with 3mil or above gold is increasing at an alarming rate. Since 3.0 the top 100gen scores have almost doubled in size aswell, they need to fix the game IMO.
    • Xsinthis wrote:

      Well there is a simple fix, buy and raid all the goods away and set higher prices :devillol:
      This will just drive the price down as players sell all their goods to keep players away and build a military. The market will be flooded with $5 goods across the board.
    • Xsinthis wrote:

      not if you and your friends are the only suppliers, think, buy all the goods at like 5/peice and sell at like 40(or raid instead of buy)

      The market is impossible to control. Even if you get most people to agree with you to set a price. Once you have that price someone new will undercut it and if you convince them another person will quickly undercut again. You have to constantly be preaching and attacking people to maintain the price.

      No matter what you say or how logical it is not to sell your goods at 5 some people just don't understand or immediatly get mad when they think your trying to boss them around. Which is fine if they are a noob but if they are of any significant size it's just not worth it to war.
    • well i have to say the trading feature of this game is dying, because the game is dying (there are only 0-3 players on each island and they are in the same alliance as me, in my area due to inactives and not enough players. It's called supply and demand, there is really no demand for resources because theres no use for the resources unless you are new to the game, and the supply is non-existant because theres only 2-3 towns on each island so you are looking out of 30 towns (if you trading post is level 8-10, only 5-7 players will be selling mainly marble and wine and maybe a little sulfur.

      So chances are that you can't sell it unless you have the best deal, thats how trading is supposed to be. so you see someone selling sulfur for 15 gold as the lowest and the highest would be 25 gold, so no one will buy it unless it's cheaper and worth it, if only 1 person sold sulfur for 15 gold, i would probably sell it for 15 gold, cause theres only 1 other person selling it for that price, now if there was like 4-5 people selling it for 15 gold, i would probably make it around 12 gold as there is more competition and would be easier to sell it,. It really depends on how many people are selling it for the lowest price, as that is what competition is all about. if theres more sellers, cheaper it would be. the less amount of sellers the more expensive it may be.
    • The surplus of goods has lowered prices. Personally, I think that we are just so adapted to Ikariam version 0.2.8. resource production that we can't accept v3.0.0. I think that someone else posted, "We learn, we survive, we thrive." Sorry if this sounds conceited, or has been repeated before, but this is my personal take on this.
    • why would i? i'm not selling any of my goods in the forseable future as i upgrade GRs, which magically require the same proportion of resources as if i put all my mines at max production. that means i have no surplus nor lack of goods. so why would i need a trading post? without it, my marble production actually increased by 10%, so i'm actually better off now.
    • I'm keeping 1...just in case. Seriously, all of the buy offers around me are for joke. I am right in the middle of the BKB, NoL war my sulphur is moving fairly well right now for 10.