Azrael_XIII vs Amicitia(AMI)

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  • Azrael_XIII vs Amicitia(AMI)

    1. Taunts from your members namely cigaragus and michaelangelo in game and on the boards
    2. I don't like you
    3. If you think I won't fight you even by myself think again

    1. Amicitians remove the two members mentioned above and never let them in again
    2. As for the two I'll give you two choices toendmy attacks delete your account or go into a permanent vacation mode
    3. If Amicitians don't comply with my request after 2 weeks I will ask for AMI to disband
  • I guess you're right James anger led me to those conditions maybe publicly apologize to me and show the world of epsilon how powerless you guys really short bow down before my will
  • Firstly let me wish good luck to AMI and Azrael in this brand new war!!

    Azrael: I agree with James on this one tho. Please remeber end of the day Ikariam is a game!!

    James Cauchi wrote:

    Your second term is unnacceptable. Would you kindly reconsider?
    Let the CR's do the talking!! I can understand that you are angry but please dont let this to control you.

    For the war I wish good luck to you, If I know you well, I know that this is not a difficult task for you. So just chill down and enjoy the show!!


  • I'd just like to say good Luck to both Azrael and AMI... Trust me, I crossed Shandrogar once and it wasn't pretty.

    And I too agree with Dearest James on that one.... Kindly reconsider your 2nd term. Although, its just Azrael's style!! LOL
  • Technically he can, if he temporarily leaves his alliance. A single player without alliance can declare war on an alliance. Either that or he will have to persuade his current alliance to declare war on AMI. But I agree with you Domitian, as Azrael is currently a member of [666] Darker alliance this war declaration is invalid.

    (Please mods, don't hand out warnings to me or Domitian again. We are only trying to be helpful here.) :cheers:
  • very well I would like to ask a MOD to close this thread until I persuade my alliance to fight you..alhough the thread is closd this does not mean my attacks will stop as for CR'S I'll send them to anyone who wants to see them and maybe I'll post a big CR in the Activity section