Arof's Terms are met :)

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  • Arof's Terms are met :)

    zyblack wrote:

    Terms for Ending the War: Dutch, player from M4H, leaving the alliance and cessation of attacks against AroF by all M4H players.

    Terms are met. I will be leaving M4H. I hope you can keep to your terms.
    Whatever your descision is about what you want to do to me next is your own. I wont ask for help. In return i expect you to respect the alliance that i am going to join. They have been most helpfull in trying to find a solution which suits us all. I wont ask them to help me figthing whatever business you have with me still.

    i am sorry that i caused all this trouble.

    Best regards,


    ps, i created a new thread for this for its in my believe that this descicion might influence more ;)

    This is me talking with my sMOD-voice.
    If you believe my voice to be in error, please contact me by PM.

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