GAC looking for potential Big Brother alliance (unjustified attack prevention)

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    • GAC looking for potential Big Brother alliance (unjustified attack prevention)

      The post must have:
      1. Greenacres Crew
      2. GAC
      3. Lord Mitchell
      4. Bugnuker
      5. 103
      6. 30 members, almost completely local so organization is a cinch. Steady growth rate as most all of us started at the same time so growth is nearly uniform amongst several members.
      - 30
      - None ATM
      - Potential diplomatic discrepancy with one alliance currently

      The GAC has had steady growth for several months and has a fairly high membership (30) with the majority living in the same city. We openly pillage inactive players and do not defend any GAC members that become inactive. Though it has come to the adolecent age of an Ikariam alliance/player, where rougue players find you as a targetable asset. With the lack of an endgame there is pontential for long term players to be more powerful , point and mil wise, than an entire adolecent alliance. For this reason we are looking for a big brother guild (a format familiar to old EQ players) that would care to invest in a rapidly growing and very invested alliance, and will perhaps aid us in avoiding unwarrented pillaging. We are not in anyway looking for hand outs or pampering, simply open to building a mutually beneficial relationship with another alliance. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from any interested alliances; for we are currently facing the aformentioned situation, simply being target practice for players and alliances that will not respond to civil diplomacy.