Crimson Pirates vs. NationDeveloper

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  • Crimson Pirates vs. NationDeveloper

    As our swords start to get rusty; we, The Crimson Pirates are declaring war on the NationDeveloper (N-D). I won’t give a lame excuse as to why we want this war; we don’t like them and want the bashing rule lifted so our conflict can continue. The terms to end the war are as followed:
    1) That the members of (N-D) upgrade one GR of Crimson Pirates per member
    2) That all members of (N-D) donate heavily to their islands since many are leeches.
    3) That Hum Tum drops his tag and (N-D) dissolves.
    These terms can be met voluntarily or by force from us, either way is fine. The war will end when 2 or more terms are met.
    :pirate: :cheers:
    Leader of Crimson Pirates
  • Sorry N-D but this has been a long time coming and apparently you just caught Crimson on one of her :pms: Days.

    so i want to be the first to :welcome: you to the CP Relocation Program, Here is what we provide as our services:

    "Congratulations!!! Your City has been selected for our Resource Relocation Program. You can trust us to take the utmost care with your resources during this difficult transition period, whether it’s across the Island or across world!!! Our Knowledgeable staff are well trained and armed, equipped with Swords, Shields and moving dollies to help protect your belongings throughout the move. For your convenience, we offer after-hours Relocation. This means that your resources can be moved outside of normal business hours and then stored at their new location the next morning, hassle-free!!! Please keep in mind all Relocated Resources are Non-refundable.

    So sit back, relax, and let us do all the work and enjoy your Resource Relocation Program to the fullest!!!

    “The pillager that Care”

  • Thanks Crimson,for now i just need to click the pillage button,dont have to check the CR for prevent from bashing rule.
    and for N-D i will use ur resource all the us :devillol: