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  • stacy -

    hi do you no if i permanent stop sharing the same ip as a friend and i cancel the ip sharing can i then trade recorces with them?

    • Deizel -

      u can trade but after the cancellation if the -GO- catch any ip sharing they will band the 2 account so u have to be certain that u wont have any ip sharing in the future

  • Stefanie / Lady Cajun -

    Hey Deizel, it's Stefanie, that kid Deadly pissed me off today so I v-mode his fleet to teach him a lesson. My bad, lol.

    • Deizel -


    • Deadly -

      VModing doesn't scatter troops anymore sweetheart. But thanks for trying, your Diplomat was informed I don't see any reason for you to rage about it.

      Sorry it took me a while to find out that you posted here.

      Let me know how I can fix the damage I cause to your city and port (2 rams?)