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  • Pluto -

    Haha no problem. You just need to use the BBcode in the CR converter settings and then copy it to the clipboard and post it. This way the cr will be easier to read and also automatically put into spoiler.

  • beldors -

    sorry men my bad.. im just new here so why dont you teach me how to post cr's properly? :)

  • DogEnds -

    19 mortars to take out a brick in a level 40 wall. 25 mortars for a level 45. 2 rounds is enough to win with those mortars, so just send 12 spears and the mortars. Send more if you don't want to cut it so fine, but you'll lose space on the merchant ships for the goods. Of course, you'll win in one round once the spearman has gone for ever, so you'll need only 7 spears on the 2nd and later pillages.

    • Pluto -

      Thanks for answer. Unfortunately that guy hit the VM just when I sent first troops :/.

    • DogEnds -

      Ha! Life's like that. There'll be plenty more, though...