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  • PrincessKari -

    Yup just totally dissing his guestbook..I feel like so left out..*cries*

    • Dutch01 -

      lol, its for the first time that i noticed that people are signing my guestbook... PK, hi ;)

  • Diansay -

    Greetings! I am very sorry for the violation I have committed on the board through this post [url='http://board.en.ikariam.com/board13-ikariam-the-game/board20-game-discussion/95752-ambrosia-issues/']Ambrosia Issues[/url]. I was just copying and pasting what i have written there. If you could give me another chance I will never do again such stupid act. Hope my undoing will be forgiven.


  • james connolly -

    Hey Dutch just dropping in to saying hello. :phatgrin:

  • PrincessKari -

    Hey Dutchy..oh yeah I'm so signing your guest book..I deserve to be here somewhere :whistling: