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Your Ikariam Team

  • Mark23 -

    Hi, did you play at RHO before? Your IGN looks familiar. :)

  • cityofwolfs -

    uhh medoria. :monster:

  • demo801 -

    [size=18][font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif'][color=#ff00ff]SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!![/color][/font][/size]

    hiya medi

  • Shana And Yuji -

    I just wanted to shower ur profile with more loves :P :D :pounce: :pounce: :heart: spamhearts <3333

    You are the best home sec and general one could as for and awesome :P

  • Shana And Yuji -

    So I'm first here


    :pounce: :love:

    [img][/img] Dunno why i am posting this :P, but oh well