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  • QuicktraxMC -


    Hi, I purchased $19.99 ambrosia,.

    i have purchased 55 30 day premium account

    sadly I also purchased 100,00 lumber for 120 ambrosia,

    problem is my warehouse can only accomodate 26500.

    that is very unfair becaus why would you offer something in the purchase options when you know that it is not possible,

    I am wishing for you to return my ambrosia back.

    thank you.

  • GoHardOrGoHome -

    sent you an email. please read... tyvm

  • ninjamike1 -

    I have an idea for a new warship for defense and/or battle. Contact me if you're interested or let me know who I can contact about it.

  • Hopla -

    Guestbook..EMPTY!? Gotta fix that!