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Your Ikariam Team

  • black cavalier -

    Hello dear director
    Can I ask for you?

  • black cavalier -

    hello my dear
    I wrote the letter to join the game's moderator
    No answer was given to me
    I'm looking forward to your answer
    How long should I wait?

    • MrSniperZ -

      Hello black cavalier,

      maximal waiting time is 7 days.

    • black cavalier -

      hello brother
      7 days have passed

    • Sampisa -

      Check your mailbox. If you used a correct email, your answer is there :)

    • black cavalier -

      I sent another request
      Hope you do not dismiss this request :)

  • ninjamike1 -

    I have an idea for a new warship for defense and/or battle. Contact me if you're interested or let me know who I can contact about it.

  • Hopla -

    Guestbook..EMPTY!? Gotta fix that!