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    [b][size=14][color=#ff0000]today u are very strong after some problems..and it is good.. be strong always and be happy..[/color][/size][/b]


  • cityofwolfs -

    hi princess are u?

  • Antikythera -

    Thanks :P
    I don't eat players 8o
    No need to be afraid of me :rolleyes:

  • cityofwolfs -

    congralations for your new rank

    l am afraid always from SGO :))

    wish u happines always

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    uhhh this time online 13:00 lunch time.. go and eat lunch :)))

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    hello :hero:

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    *kisses guestbook

  • cityofwolfs -

    life is beautiful with exists
    Life is you too
    all flowers are beautiful when grown
    you are more beautiful flowers

    best regards and wish u happiness in ur life

    l will write this for belladonna too.. so dont angry me :))

  • Belladonna -

    As you can see i am always angry on you :loveU: