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  • _Kate_ -

    Hello, i have something to ask you :).

    I'm the Leader of alliance -SK- in world Chi, and recently my Diplomat has declared war on Elder, but his post and the terms seemed to be not really "valid" if you can understand me, so did the war offically start? If it didnt, i wanna declare it again with new terms, since my Diplomat posted that without telling me.

    Thank you :)

  • lilaaa -

    [align=center]Four words; You are ay meany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    >: o - just sayin~ :D[/align]

  • lilaaa -

    [align=center][i][color=#660066]Nowai why work I should parteh :P :love:[/color][/i][/align]

  • lilaaa -

    [align=center][color=#660066]*spams* haii plum :>[/color][/align]

    • plumbum -

      Stop spamming and go to work!