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Your Ikariam Team

  • ripx -

    lucky you :D

  • Vayash Moru -

    people keeping asking to be my friend :S

  • Rahim 245 -

    Hey Al!

    Btw I just love how you have '69' friends :love:

  • Rain Maker -

    Al.... :rolleyes:

    do you have any cookies?

  • Rain Maker -

    I've been notice...

    Have a good night Al. And a great day.

  • Alera -

    it took you a month to notice i noticed >.>

  • Rain Maker -

    it took him one day

  • Alera -

    i noticed... :sleeping:

  • Shana And Yuji -

    *Kidnaps, wonder how long til he notices :love:

    wish me swet dreams to :P

  • Rain Maker -

    Have sweet dreams Al :love: