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  • Rahim 245 -

    Noob got banned :love:

  • Rahim 245 -

    Hmm I'll think. I'll pass I'll go when its my time ;)

    I'll try & earn my rewards, unlike you :P

    [size=18] tauba tauba[/size]

  • Rahim 245 -

    Cocaine ?

  • Rahim 245 -

    Well that's not an English dictionary is it :P

    & for some reason I knew you'd use that :rolleyes:

  • Rahim 245 -

    [quote] Sup Bretherin[/quote]Well I quote from your term of speech as previous, and well what I have to say is 'sup' does not exist in the 'English' dictionary so therefor to that terms it is incorrect... And also I will not even stat on this slang of 'Bretherin'

    Wow taste of your own medicine sure is bitter, right ?

  • Rahim 245 -

    Well then You must have a extremely weird sense of humor there bro, & btw most of it is complete Bull****

    As much as I love your sig, It doesn't really make me have fear... Js there bro ;)

  • Rahim 245 -

    Leave the poor innocent vampire's alone, I'm sure they did nout...

    Always creating chaos you are.

  • Rahim 245 -

    well ya know the usual... & yee self ? :love:

  • The Kaotic -


  • Rahim 245 -

    Hey Bro :thumbup: