hotdog sloppy joe

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  • Grim Reaper DaWar -

    Nice Cr's. :)

  • MatatasHakuna -

    The only thing worse than a Dog Is a Dog with flees.
    Haven't you taken a bath In all the time you've been away? <3

    • hotdog -

      Damn it. Your reply <3

    • MatatasHakuna -

      You make me sad. Why aren't you replying to my messages </3 ;(

    • hotdog -

      Where are you messaging me? I am also sending you messages and got no reply. T_T

      I sent you like 3 messages so long that I have never written an essay such big. XD

      I think there is some error with board messenger.

    • hotdog -

      Sent you a message in skype. <.<