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  • Rain Maker -

    First comment if the year. Hey kaleg

  • sharpe12 -


  • Draco and Solon -

    Kaleg - D'oh!

  • sharpe12 -

    I bet you do, you sexy minx

  • Kaleg Nar -

    sharpe, no, but I eat quickly.

    DS, uh no. I'm not that sane.

  • Draco and Solon -

    Mwuhahahaha, revenge.

    *walks up to Kaleg*
    *kicks Kaleg in the nuts*
    *walks away*
    *looks around*
    *turns to random passerby"
    "Hey, I think that guy needs help."
    *as passerby goes to help Kaleg, kicks them in the nuts*

    Crazy enough for you?

  • sharpe12 -

    Have you seen my sausage?